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Reflective Essay
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In case it wasn't known my name is Brian Ashley Nance and I am a freshman at VSU.  I am currently taking undergraute courses but what I am to discuss is Reading , Writing about literature.  Comming into the coure I was pretty confident in my writing abiliites but I came to see that I have much room for improvement mainly in areas like interpretive reading and supporting evidence in writings. I have come to see that I need to improve on supporting my ideas with lots of evidence and facts. I think right now I have more experience in interpretive reading and writing.  I have learned to look at things in many different ways. I have also learned what to look for in my papers as far as imperfections and have a broader understanding of the importance of supporting evidence.  I think that over the next semester I will have to improve on interpreting literature and expand on writing clear main ideas and staying with them and supporting those ideas.  But overall there will always room to improve myself as a writer.

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